Beat Jet Lag in 3 minutes at Koa Recovery

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How To Overcome the Effects of Jetlag at With Cryotherapy and Float Therapy

Getting on a big jet plane is romanticised as fun, luxurious, amazing & adventurous however one thing puts an exception to the rule, jet lag!! What if we told you that we'd found a way of getting over jet lag in just 3 minutes? Our beautifully curated space in Waterloo Sydney, Koa Recovery offers treatments which may help to beat jet lag in as little as 3 minutes


Whole body cryotherapy or cryo is may help to improve sleep hygiene, reduce stress, decrease inflammation and chronic pain and significantly assist with jet lag symptoms. Cryotherapy treatments are also popular amongst elite athletes and weekend warriors to speed up the recovery process and help increase athletic performance. How you might ask. Well, during your 3 minute session, your body is exposed to temperatures as low as 120 degrees. The body responds to this temperature by releasing hormones which assist in the activation of REM sleep.  REM sleep is the deep sleep state, helping our bodies to recover, reset and recharge. 

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Float Therapy

Float therapy is popular amongst seasoned travellers and those who live a busy schedule and need to get straight back into work on arrival. The main reason is because float therapy allows you to get a large amount of rest in a condensed timeframe, helping you get back into the right time zone. A 60min float session of pure relaxation allows you to defy gravity and provides the equivalent of up to 8 hours of sleep, helping make up for lost ZZZZ's on the flight. During your float experience your brain waves will likely alter to the Theta state, a state of deep relaxation. Floating is recommended on arrival and early in the day if possible to allow you to sleep that night and regulate your sleep pattern to the current time zone. 

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Single sessions start from $79 with discounts available for packages and bundles. Check out our pricing here or book now