Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Fight The Winter Blues

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It happens almost this time every year. Deadlines at work, fun events on the weekend, so looking forward to a winter getaway and boom - you're sick! From this point onward it feels like you're run down and worn out for the entire season, susceptible to every bug that is in your office or brought home with your child from dayshare, as I like to call it (also known as daycare). It all starts with a sore throat, achy joints and maybe a headache. Just like that the reoccurring virus is here and here to stay! I have however come to realise that it isn't a reoccurring virus, it is the result of poor stress management. Find out how you can boost your immune system naturally and fight the winter blues.

How the Cryo Float Combo Can boost Your Immune System?

Stress kills, we know this and we know about the silent killer - inflammation and how stress increases inflammation - exactly what we dont want for our immune system. How do we break this cycle and stop the stress before it happens? How do we keep our immune system strong so its ready to fight the battle against viruses, bacteria and germs?

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How Floating Boosts Your Immune System. An Evidenced Based Approach

Floating was first recognised for its role with the immune system in 1984  The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison and found that “a person can actually strengthen his or her immune system…” Hutchison documented research by John Turner (neuroendocrinologist) and Thomas Fine, (psychologist). This revealed that floating reduced adrenaline and cortisol which has been linked to a number of ailments and diseases. Adrenaline and cortisol have been shown to “...depress the body’s immune system…”

Floating has also been shown to decrease blood pressure by 20 units and decrease heart rate by 20bpm. This further highlights the positive benefits floating can have on your stress levels to boost your immune system.

How Cryo Boosts Your Immune System. An Evidenced Based Approach

Exposure to the cold has also been shown via research to improve the immune systems functioning which plays a role in preventing disease as well as the ageing process. Basically, you want to have a good supply of immune cells in your body however, you want them to remain dormant, unless of course there is a reason for them to become active and do their job. Research has revealed that exposure to the cold appears to increase our 'stock' of immune cells. One study found that exposure to the cold increased the body's white blood cell numbers including cytotoxic T Lymphocytes. These immune cells play a vital roll in killing cancer cells.

Why The Combination Is So Effective

The combination of cold exposure via whole body cryotherapy and reduction of stress hormones by floating is a great combo for those looking to boost their immune system naturally as it provides the body with a multi facet approach to optimising your immune response. Those who benefit most includes stressed corporate men and women,  people who have a compromised immune system or have suffered from glandular fever, those who are exposed to people or places with high exposure including hospitals, schools, daycare centres or close office spaces, busy mums or those who always seem to luck out and get sick.

 Want to boost your immune system and help fight the winter blues? Cryo float combos start at $135 with packs and combination services available to optimise benefits.  Buy Your Session Now

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