What is Contrast Therapy?

For many health-conscious and Wim Hof fans, exposing the body to extreme temperatures is nothing new. Contrast therapy is also known as immersion therapy or hot/cold immersion. The treatment involves exposing the body to a contrast of temperatures, i.e. hot then cold and is typically seen with ice baths and spas or hot and cold showers. The concept of contrast therapy has been around for many years, in fact, the Romans were onto this little secret way back in the day. So... were they onto a good thing? Or should it be left to the pros?

Fire and Ice

The use of ice packs and heat packs are familiar rehab tools for many, but lots of us are still yet to try therapeutic contrasting. Thanks to some state of the art technology, Koa Recovery is bringing you a quick and effective solution for contrast therapy – Whole Body Cryotherapy followed by a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna – the ‘Fire and Ice Combo’.

While it might not sound enticing to everyone, what if I told you that this surprisingly relaxing activity could potentially help you to train harder, recover quicker, burn calories, increase energy, boost the immune system and help a range of skin conditions to leave you glowing.

Contrast Therapy

Contrast therapy works on the concept of vasodilatation (which occurs in the heat) and vasoconstriction (which occurs in the cold). Basically, this results in alternating the blood from flowing to the internal organs and extremities, which may help reduce swelling, inflammation, enhance your sleep, improve circulation, relieve depression and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. There is also some exciting evidence coming out about the positive effects on the nervous system.

Wim Hof fans and elite athletes are not the only people loving regular contrast therapy and the impact that it has on our bodies. Miss Universe Monika Radulovic is a regular to the therapy “I love the energy that I have after my treatment at Koa Recovery and the way that it leaves my skin glowing and smooth’. Other regulars include busy mums, those who are interested in their health and wellbeing as well as people with inflamed or itchy skin.

Often though, the fear of the unknown or concern about trying something different prevents people from receiving the benefits of the treatments so here are some of our FAQ’s to ease your nerves.

What Temperatures Will I Get To?

During your cryotherapy session, the cabin temperature will get to temperatures as low as -120 degree Celsius. Follow this up with an infrared sauna session where your body will be exposed to temperatures as hot at 70 degrees (however we do suggest you stick at around 50 so you get the benefits of the full spectrum infrared heaters during your treatment).

How Long Does It Take?

The cryotherapy treatment takes 3min – short and sharp. Let's face it; you wouldn’t want to be in those cold temperatures any longer than that! Infrared sauna sessions 40minutes long. All up you can expect to be in and out in under 1 hour.

Does It Hurt?

Absolutely not! The cryotherapy treatment can be likened to a cold spray tan (if you have ever had one of those) and when you get out feeling like you have had a few coffees and a massage in the space of a few minutes, we guarantee you will be asking when you can get back in. The infrared sauna, on the other hand, is super relaxing and the use of chromotherapy during your treatment will enhance your feeling of bliss.

How Many Calories Will I Burn?

The contrast therapy will have you burn up to 1000 calories. That’s not bad for less than 45min of pampering!

Can I Come With My Friends?

Sure, we can fit up to 4 people in the sauna at once. The contrast combo is a heap of fun with friends or a date with a difference.

Koa Recovery also offers a range of other relaxing treatments to help you sleep right, feel good, look great and recharge in the beautifully curated space. Therapies include floatation therapy and Normatec compression boots. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are intrinsically linked. For optimal well-being, we must nurture both aspects of ourselves. Float therapy is a revolution for relaxation, regeneration and stress-reduction. Floating provides the opportunity to unplug from your chaotic life and the busy external world by lying in a luxurious, soundproof pod while floating in magnesium-rich water filled with 100% naturally mined, pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic Epsom salts. NormaTec compression boots use compressed air to massage your legs, glutes, and lower back, mobilise fluid, increase circulation and feel really nice as an addition to the contrast therapy combo.
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At Koa Recovery we offer single sessions of the Fire and Ice combo starting from $110 with packs and combos available and discounts if you sweat with a friend. To book now click here