Crossfit Open 18.1 | How to Recover and Improve Your Score

Whats Going to Hurt in Crossfit Open 18.1

With toes to bar, dumb bell hang clean and jerks and rowing in one workout, we can guarantee there will be a lot of sore forearms getting about the boxes this weekend and one thing that will hold people back from bettering their score will be GRIP STRENGTH! Check out our tips on how to recover and improve your score for the Crossfit Open 18.1.

Compex for 18.1

Electrical Muscle Stimulation 

Compex devices use electric waves to send signals to the muscle to cause an involuntary contraction.  Compex works on a variety of dependent frequencies dependent on the desired effect. For the purpose of a blown grip strength  we suggest using the unit to help the muscle fibres recover. The Compex 8.0 unit which is the unit offered at Koa Recovery  also features muscle intelligence technology to scan the muscle and automatically adjusts stimulator parameters to your physiology. Compex is used by many Crossfit Games athletes to optimise performance including Mat Fraser, Kara Webb, Rob Forte and Brooke Wells. 

Whole Body Cryotherapy for 18.1

How Cryo can help decrease inflammation and improve performance 

The benefits of cryotherapy are two-fold for workout 18.1. When used following a workout cryotherapy assists by initiating hormonal responses which may result in decrease of inflammation and removal of waste products. Whole body cryotherapy helps you to feel fresh fast and help decrease any DOMS. Cryotherapy has also demonstrated its ability to improve athletic performance by increasing power and speed, enhancing sprint and and increasing mitochondrial biogenesis in recent research studies.  

Magnesium for 18.1

Topical magnesium is absorbed much more readily than oral doses as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and is delivered to the cells and tissues that need it. Magnesium is used to help reduce muscles aches and pains, increases energy levels and help promote sleep. Salt Lab magnesium oil is a great source of magnesium and something we often recommend to help manage muscle soreness and fatigue. By rubbing Salt Lab’s magnesium oil directly into the affected muscles of the forearm, athletes can quickly ease muscular tenderness, aches and pains experienced in overworked muscles. Other options for topical magnesium absorption include an Epsom Salt bath soak or float session. 

Koa Recovery now stocking salt labs magnesium oil for help with your recovery


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