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Cryotherapy: Your competitive advantage

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Cryotherapy: Your competitive advantage

We all experience pressure to perform from within ourselves and from society. Pressure to succeed. Pressure to win. Pressure to PB. Pressure to lose weight. Pressure to reach our goals. Pressure to back up training, day after day, regardless of how our body is feeling.

We are always striving to be the best version of us we can be. Luckily, cryotherapy - a popular sports recovery tool - has landed in Sydney to help you gain your competitive edge.

To achieve optimal performance our body needs to rest. Rest allows for hypertrophy. Diet, regular training and good programming are all important. However, there are many other ways to enhance our recovery and improve performance.

What's the secret to gaining your competitive advantage?

We all know what happened to Essendon when they tried to "get an edge" on competition. And the impact on Lance Armstrong's career from his extreme bid for success. Rather than turning to these damaging extremes, elite athletes from around the world including Floyd Mayweather Jr, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, LeBron James and Christiano Ronaldo are turning to cryotherapy to gain their edge. Cryotherapy is safe, effective and assists the body’s natural ability to health itself both physically and mentally.

A recent study found whole body cryotherapy caused a decrease in pro-inflammatory (bad) interleukins (ILs) and rise in anti- inflammatory (good) ILs. By contrast, ice application has been shown to increase pro-inflammatory ILs by as much as 29%.In any case, blood flow is shunted away from muscles is slowed which physiologically results in less muscle damage and faster recovery. The National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance in France also published a study outlining that three WBC sessions within 48 hours after damaging running exercises accelerate recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage to a greater extent than from passive modalities or far-infrared modalities.


Cryotherapy for Rugby 7s Team @ Koa Recovery Sydney - gain your competitive advantage
Cryotherapy for Rugby 7s Team @ Koa Recovery Sydney

Cryotherapy at Koa Recovery

The truth is in the results. Over the last week, we are excited to say we have helped many athletes and weekend warriors achieve their goals! These athletes include Australian runners (sprinters and endurance athletes), top tier football players, AFL players and Crossfit athletes Laken Watt and Khan Porter during the Crossfit Open. Check out our feature in the latest WodLife video The Journey Episode 3

Some comments from our happy customers

“I highly recommend this as a recovery treatment as opposed to ice baths. In and out in 3 minutes and I feel great afterwards. And I can train that day.”

“I’ve incorporated cryotherapy and a float on a weekly basis and have noticed positive effects straight away. I am able to back up sessions quicker, and my sleep quality is the best its been in ages…if you take your training seriously, then I suggest you take your recovery seriously too.”

Fancy the FREEZE? Single sessions start from $79 with packs and memberships available. We also offer discount rates for group bookings