Cryotherapy Weight Loss Results with Koa Recovery

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Are you discouraged by the number on the scales? Still not fitting into those old jeans? You're exercising and eating well but still not getting results? If you're feeling frustrated by your lack of weight loss, we have just the thing you may be looking for. Cryotherapy is a scientifically proven, safe, quick and non-invasive way to stimulate your metabolism and lose weight. In a 3-minute cryotherapy session you can burn up to 800 calories!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cryo or whole body cryotherapy is a technique which was developed by a medical doctor in the 1970’s - Professor Yamaguchi.

During the treatment, skin is exposed to temperature below zero for up to 3 minutes. The treatment involved walking into the cryo sauna where your head will remain above the unit. Our qualified staff will not leave your side! Liquid nitrogen is used to cool the skin surface temperature. The treatment is totally pain free however you can end the treatment at any time.

Cryotherapy was initially developed to help manage the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Cryotherapy has been the subject of multiple research studies and with this, additional health benefits have been uncovered including weight loss. Click here to check out a story by Beauty Crew showing some of the celebrities using cryotherapy to help with their weight loss.

Cryotherapy for injury management and prevention

How Can I Lose Weight with Cryotherapy?

During the three minute session, your body undergoes a series of physiological and neurological responses to the cold which boosts your metabolism and increases energy. We guarantee you will feel like you have had a good massage AND a few coffees in the space of 3 minutes! The cryo session also provides a range of other benefits including boosting the immune system, assisting with pain relief, decreasing cellulite and boosting collagen production.

One 3 minute treatment can burn 800 calories. This is the equivalent of a Cappuccino, Chobani Yoghurt, ham salad sandwich, banana, a chicken breast and a greek salad!!!
Using Koa Recovery for weight loss with our cryotherapy treatment

Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

At Koa Recovery we view weight loss and wellbeing through a lens of personal experience and understand the long and tiring journey that a lot of people have been on. To help get you the results your want and get them quickly, we take all the guess work out and customise a cryotherapy treatment program for you.
Our staff are qualified personal trainers with over 20 years of combined experience.
We can offer your cryotherapy treatment independently or can combine it with personal training, gym programs and nutrition plans to make us your one stop weight loss shop!

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Want to lose weight today? Single sessions start from $79 with packs and memberships available. We also offer pack with personal training to accelerate your goals