Cryotherapy Sydney

Unlike other therapeutic and wellness services, cryotherapy sessions are not a time-consuming experience. So exactly how long is a cryotherapy session? Cryotherapy treatments are a maximum of 3-minutes long meaning you will always have time to keep up with your wellness routine.

Most first-time cryo users choose to chill out for 2-minutes as they build up their tolerance to the cold.  As the first time is a new experience to the body, most people prefer the 2 minute experience however if you are comfortable in the cold or have done a lot of ice baths etc. previously then we can jump straight into the 3 minute experience.

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Can I Stay In The Cryo Longer?

Due to the extreme temperatures in the chamber, it is unsafe to stay in any longer. Research has also revealed that there are no physiological benefits to staying in the machine for a longer period. A 3-minute treatment is a long time when the body is exposed to temperatures as low as -120 degrees Celsius, and we would be surprised if you wanted to stay in any longer than that! If you're super keen and want to accelerate the results you can double up in one day. We have some keen clients who are maximising anti-inflammatory benefits by coming in for a cryo, participating in a range of other sessions in store then repeating the cryo session.

At Koa Recovery we offer single sessions starting from $85 with packs and combos available. To book now click here