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Float Centre Sydney

In this chaotic life, I know how hard it is to get some 'you' time and put even 60minutes aside for no one but you. No phones, no emails, no knocks on the office door - nothing and no one but you. The concept of 'you' time is therapeutic on its own. Using our float centre will multiply these benefits, and I want you to get the most out of every float, so here are my tips.

How to Get the Most out of your Float

Having your body and mind in the right space is paramount and here are some tips you can do to help.

  • Skip Shaving - The salt in our tanks can cause a distracting feeling for freshly shaved skin due to the high salt content. We recommend that men shave at least 5-8 hours before a float and women 10-12 hours.
  • Eat lightly – Try to avoid being too full or hungry at your appointment time as this can affect your ability to relax when floating.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking coffee 2 hours before your float - The stimulating nature of cigarettes and coffee could disrupt the tranquillity of a float. This will make sure your body is in the best state to relax in the pod
  • Drink water- Water fuels your mind and therefore being fully hydrated can enhance the floating experience. Try to keep well hydrated in the days leading up to your float.
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Tips for floating

You will be allocated your own purpose-built room to use during your treatment time. The room is complete with a shower for pre- and post-float, towels, earplugs, robe, clothing hooks and a lockable door. Our facilities include hair drying and straighteners as well as towels, beautiful salon body products including wash, shampoo and conditioners. Perfect for those wanting to float on your way to an important meeting or dinner.

  • Lukewarm shower - Try to have a lukewarm shower before entering the pod and even turn it slightly cold for 30 seconds. A hot shower will give your body the sensation that the float is cold when actually it's heated to the temperature of your skin's surface.
  • Treat the pod as if it was your bed - When you get into bed you trust your pillow to hold the weight of your neck. Trust the water to do the same. The water will cradle your neck allowing you to relax and release tension
  • Ask about the music options - Some people like noise others don't. We can customise the length of time the music is on during your treatments so just ask!
  • Every float will be different - Depending on your mindset, your body and where life is at, every floating experience will be different. Run with it and enjoy. Where will floating take you? 
  • Everything takes practice - Floating and getting the most out of your float takes practice. It's like anything new and the more you do it, the more your body will know what it's in for and the more benefits you will get.
Relax at Sydney float centre and get the most out of your float.

Want to try a float? Single sessions start from $79 with packs available to reduce the individual session prices. Intro offer - 3 x Floats for $170 Save $67