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Sydney Float Tank Experience

Sensory deprivation and the use of float tanks is gaining traction and popularity across the globe as more and more evidence is released about the benefits of floating and what it can do for your health.

There is some fantastic research being completed including the use of functional MRI scans to demonstrate the positive relationship between float tanks and arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, muscle recovery and repair, depression, fertility, MS & lupus as well as the benefits for sporting performance and visualisation.

Why Float with Koa Recovery

Koa Recovery was created by two people with a passion for all things health, wellness and well-being. With a background in healthcare and disability, we wanted to bring Sydney a superior space which offered float therapy. The selection and delivery of our float tank service is paramount to our business.

At Koa Recovery, we use highly sophisticated and luxurious float pods, which are completely automatic providing you with the optimal relaxation and sensory deprivation experience. Our tanks are the highest quality and most hygienic isolation tanks. The float tanks are monitored and adjusted from the front of house meaning you get to experience the ultimate bliss whilst knowing your safety is ensured at all times. All tanks are filled with the purest grade of naturally mined pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt which is imported from Germany. Only the best! 

Our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure you are fully at ease by showing you the tank, its features and ensuring you understand the process and benefits. Your treatment is a customised experience to ensure it meets your individual needs. Want music? Want no music? want 5, 10 or 15min of music? want Hypno float? We have all your needs covered and can customise it all!

You will be allocated your own purpose built room for use during your allocated treatment time. The room is complete with a shower for pre- and post-float, towels, ear plugs, robe, clothing hooks and a lockable door. Our facilities include hair drying and straighteners as well as towels, beautiful salon body products including wash, shampoo and conditioners. Perfect for those wanting to float on your way to an important meeting or dinner.

Koa Recovery Float Sydney

Not sure if Float Tanks are for you?

You are in control the entire time. You have the ability to turn the light on or off at any given time. You can also float with the door open or closed - the choice is yours. We have an emergency button you can press at any time and we will be right there to help you. Like anything floating takes practice. I guarantee you will float!! However, most take a few sessions to switch off and get the full benefit. For this reason, most people start with our intro pack which gives you 3 floats for $170.

Koa Recovery is open 7 days and late nights for your convenience. There is parking at the door and plenty of free parking in surrounding streets.

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Want to try a float? Single sessions start from $79 with packs and memberships available. Intro offer - 3 x Floats for $170 Save $67