Imagine being your baby, floating peacefully in the womb. Relaxing while being cuddled in a space of nurturing warm water. It’s no surprise lots of babies need an eviction notice!

Pregnancy is amazing. Bones move, ligaments are stretched. Organs are pushed and shoved to make way for a tiny (although it doesn’t feel so tiny at the time) human being. It’s no wonder that a pregnant body aches, swells and becomes uncomfortable. Floating is the perfect way to escape the discomfort while providing amazing benefits for the skin, an hour of deep relaxation and the opportunity to develop a deep connection with your mini me.

Floating for Relaxation and Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Floating (also known as sensory deprivation, float therapy or REST) is popular amongst pregnant ladies due to the incredible stress, discomfort and pain relief benefits.  It is the only place on earth you can truly eliminate gravity. While lying in the sensory deprivation pod, there is no pressure on the body, and no matter how big your belly is, the 500kg of Epsom Salts will magically support the two of you. Float therapy can help with all the aches and pains associated with pregnancy while decreasing inflammation. The warm pool of magnesium can also help with insomnia and manage the sleep difficulties often associated with pregnancy.

Benefits of float therapy during pregnancy @ Koa Recovery
Benefits of float therapy during pregnancy @ Koa Recovery

The Float Therapy Pregnancy 'Mirror Effect'

The ‘mirror effect’ of the mum and baby floating in the womb provides a beautiful opportunity for a deeper emotional and physical connection between the two.

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