Float Therapy | Sydney NSW

Healthy bodies and healthy minds are intrinsically linked. For optimal wellbeing, we must nurture both aspects of ourselves. Float therapy is a revolution for relaxation, regeneration and stress-reduction.

Unplug from your chaotic life and the busy external world. Reconnect in our luxurious, soundproof pods whilst floating in magnesium rich water filled with 100% naturally mined, pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic epsom salts. Lay back, unwind and reconnect.

Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Stress, Depression & Anxiety

The pod creates the perfect environment for    your body to slow down, switch off and relax.


Float in a womb of warm water with your baby      to develop a deeper connection and relieve the pressure from joint and muscle soreness

Pain Management
Fibromyalgia | Arthritis

Help relieve chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain or knee pain by decreasing inflammation.

Injury Recovery
& Sports Performance

The high magnesium concentration and elimination of gravity makes floating the ideal recovery following intense exercise or  preparation for a big race or event. The elimination is gravity is also ideal for muscle and joint recovery post injury.

Creativity | Productivity

The float  pod offers a space to escape the constant connectivity and chatter in our minds. This form of meditation improves focus,   creativity and productivity.

Improve Sleep

1hr floating is equivalent to 4-8hrs sleep. The sensory deprivation results in a change of brain waves to the theta state - a relaxed state, the same brain waves our body achieves just before falling asleep. Floating also helps regulate unhygienic sleep patterns including insomnia and jet lag.

Float therapy for health and wellbeing

Enjoy bliss in privacy. Each state of the art float pod is in its own private soundproof room. Once you lay back in the warm water the epsom salts will cradle you to keep you buoyant allowing every muscle in your body to relax.


"An amazing experience, have to admit that I was sceptical before we started but OMG it was fantastic. Honestly haven't felt this relaxed in a very very long time. I will be recommending it to all I meet from Sydney to Newcastle" Beverly


"One of the most incredibly enjoyable and interesting experiences I've ever had. Was a fantastic valentines day experience for me and my partner; we both came out feeling confident, relaxed, refreshed, deeply-worked, intellectually stimulated and very impressed with amazing work done there. 11/10 would recommend to anyone ever. An experience that has definitely impacted my life for the better" - Connor

"Definitely recommend this place.. Glad i stumbled across it. The float is possibly the best experience i have had. My second time i walked out of there it felt like i was on a cloud. Shaun has been very helpful and the space is immaculate" - Cherelle

Why Koa Recovery?

At Koa Recovery we use highly sophisticated and luxurious float pods, which are completely automatic providing you with the optimal relaxation and sensory deprivation experience. Our tanks are the highest quality and most hygienic isolation tanks.

Float FAQ’S