Flush Toxins After The Holiday Season

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Flush Toxins and Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Im sure you have had an over indulgent Christmas and New Years eating food until you end up in a coma and drinking plenty of alcohol to wash it down. Its all a good idea at the time and creates many good memories but where to now? Your feeling sluggish, tied, a little larger than last year and keen to change it - but how?
Time to do your body a favour an cleanse! Flush the toxins and start your New Years feeling good.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph system is responsible for removing all the waste products from our body. At this time of year its often struggling more than usual to keep up with the job thats constantly ahead of it. If the lymphatic system isn't doing its job properly then unwanted waste products build up in the body which is linked to chronic inflammation and some diseases. The lymph system works using a network of tubules which are spread throughout the entire body. Waste products are collected from the cells in the tubules and then transported out of the body via lymph fluid.

So how can you help your lymphatic drainage? Check out this full article on lymphatic drainage to find out all the details In summary:

Drink Water

We all know that alcohol dehydrates us and we need to drink plenty of water after a big night. This is even more important after a big month of drinking. If you struggle to drink water try infusing your water with a mint, citrus or your favourite fruit. Check out these glass infuser drink bottles from BBBYO. Aqua Love Water is also a great way to balance your pH whilst also helping to detox.

One great tip to increase your water consumption is to start the day by drinking a bottle of water before breakfast. Your already one step ahead of the game doing it this way and will find it so much easier to meet your daily requirement.

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Cut Out Sugar

Removing sugar from your diet is a really important way to flush toxins and detox your body. When you consume sugar your body needs to work hard to produce more insulin. Your body is already tied and working hard to process all the toxins in your body. Give your body one less task and cut out the sugar. Plus, it will also help with your weight loss.

Visit a Wellness Centre

There are some beautiful wellness spaces around the world filled with all things self care that will help kick start your detox journey and help to flush toxins after the silly season. Some of the services may include cryotherapy, massage, compression therapy, float therapy)

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Want start your New Years right and flush out the toxins?

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