With more and more people putting on their set of puffy leg boots, so many of you want to know what all this craze is about and how it works. So here we are ready to answer all your frequently asked questions about how the NormaTec compression boots work and what they can do for you, your kids, your injured friend, workmate or pregnant partner.

What do NormaTec compression boots feel like?

We gets asked this atleast once a day. So here is what I think it feels like...

The initial feeling is like a blood pressure cuff being inflated around your ankle. This feeling then subsides and the inflation slowly works up the legs. Over the course of the session, the boots feel like a deep pressure massage over the leg. The graduated pressure is soothing, relaxing and calming. Its not until you take the boots off that you experience the light weightless feeling through the legs.

What Is NormaTec Compression?

NormaTec compression boots were originally founded as a medical device. The technology was developed by a physician bioengineer with the goal to help improve blood flow and speed up the recovery progress. Increased amount of research, it is now a clinically proven treatment to increase circulation, reduce soreness and help athletes perform at their best.

How Does NormaTec Compression Work?

NormaTec uses patent PULSE Massage Pattern which uses 3 techniques.

  1. Pulsing
  2. Distal release
  3. Gradients

Instead of squeezing the legs to transport fluid out, NormaTec uses a pulsing mechanism which mimics the naturally occuring muscle pump within our body.


lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. The pulse technology uses hold pressures to keep everything flowing in the right direction and prevent backflow.

This feature also enables maximum pressure in each zone over the legs.

Distal Release

Static pressure can have a negative effect to circulatory flow if it is maintained for too long. NormaTec uses 'Sequential Pulse Technology' which releases hold pressures once they are no longer needed to the backflow.

This ensures that each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time between compression cycles.

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Who Uses NormaTec Compression Boots?

NormaTec boots are used by a wide variety of people. They are very few contraindications meaning they are right for lots of people for lots of reasons. So what are most common reasons why people use the NormaTec compression boots with us?

  • Pregnant and wish to decrease fluid build up in the legs. This is particularly problematic for ladies in their third trimester
  • Weekend warriors and athletes who have been training hard and have sore legs
  • People who are on their feet all day and have tied / sore legs
  • Those who sit at a desk all day and have fluid build up or poor circulation in their legs
  • Runners, cyclists, swimmers or crossfitters who are trying to freshen their legs prior to an event or race

Does It REALLY Work?

NormaTec compression therapy is clinically proven by a range of research studies. Research has revealed that NormaTec aids to:

  • Lessen pain sensitivity. Therefore accelerating recovery by reducing muscle soreness from pressure stimuli
  • Treat DOMS. A 30min session in the NormaTec compression boots increases blood flow possibility making it a viable management of DOMS
  • Clear metabolites Passively. NormaTec compression significantly lower blood lactate levels
  • Gene Expression in Muscle Tissue. NormaTec upgregulates rps^ and downregulates Stat1. This may assist with a positive adaptive response to exercise
  • Upgregulates PGC-1a and eNOS. A 60min session has been proven to achieve this with biopsy samples
  • Improve Endothelial Function. A single session imrpoves conduit artery endothelial function systematically and improve RH blood flow
  • Decreases Muscle Fatigue After Exercise. Increases Flexibility and skeletal muscle oxidative stress during recovery from heavy resistance training
  • Increased Range of Motion. NormaTec rapidly enhances acute range of motion with less discomfort and time

 You can hire the boots to you at home, work or your next event or use in store. Single sessions start at $30. Get Your Session Here

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