What does the research say about Infrared Sauna use?

Reduce muscle soreness, lower blood pressure, improve mood and lower risk of dementia hey?? Naturally, people may assume the infrared sauna is another one of THOSE things and move on with a misunderstanding of this fantastic evidence-based treatment. So... let's get the facts straight! What does the research say about infrared sauna? Does infrared sauna actually work? Let's find out!

Infrared Sauna to Relieve Joint Pain

There are a number of research studies which reveal that infrared sauna can help to reduce joint pain and stiffness. The research also shows that people who are suffering rheumatoid arthritis can benefit by experiencing decreased pain and an increased range of motion through their joints. For people suffering chronic pain, this is welcoming relief from the debilitating condition.

Infrared Sauna to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovasular health also has the ability to be improve from a regular sweat sesh! This study shows that infrared sauna use can improve your cardiovascular health and decrease your risk factors for developing many health conditions. The studies reveal that the blood vessels’ ability to be 'flexible' and accomodate changes in blood pressure is improved with infrared sauna use. Sweat sessions have also been shown in Studies to lower blood pressure.

Research has also shown that infrared sauna can reduce oxidative stress in our body. Oxidative stress may be associated with a number of health conditions and diseases including heart disease. Stress is termed by many the 'silent killer'. Our body will love us for reducing unnecessary stress.

Infrared Sauna to Improve Athletic Performance

The use of infrared sauna has been shown to increase endurance in athletes. In a recent study, runners who used an infrared sauna after workouts were compared to those who didn't. After three weeks, the people who used the infrared sauna were able to run 20% longer than those who didn’t, proving the infrared sauna can enhance your endurance and running performance.

A few studies have also highlighted the impact of sauna use for recovery. These studies highlighted that infrared saunas can enhance recovery after strength and endurance training by improving neural recovery!

Infrared Sauna to Lower Dementia Risk, Mental Health Conditions and Boost Immune System

Studies have found that using an infrared sauna can improve mood and reduce levels of anxiety and depression. Mental Health is such a critical component to our overall wellbeing, and unfortunately, one in five Australians are reported to have been affected by a mental disorder in the last 12 months.

We have all heard the saying when we are a bit unwell to 'sweat it out' - well, the trick is to sweat as a prevention rather than a cure according to the research. The use of infrared sauna has also been shown to reduce the incidence of the common cold according to a couple of studies.

Having regular sweat sessions is also good news for those who wish to lower their risk of dementia. A study out of Finland found that the frequency of weekly sauna habits has a direct relationship with lowering the risk of dementia. Regular sauna use decreased the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 66%.

So... its safe to say that while there may be false claims out there about infrared sauna and the health benefits, having a regular sweat session is good for your body and has some amazing impacts on your health which are backed by strong clinical research.

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