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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Reduce pain, boost mood, enhance sleep, detoxify and smooth your skin with an infraed sauna. Rest, restore and recharge in our spacious, state-of-the-art infrared sauna. Koa Recovery infrared sauna provides FULL SPECTRUM infrared rays, enabling full-spectrum benefits. Look after your body, its the only place you have to live. Enjoy bliss in privacy. Our full spectrum infrared sauna is in its own private room. The sauna fits up to 4 people making it perfect for a social gathering. Alternatively use your infrared session as a space to stretch and practice yoga and chill out in spacious comfort alone. The sauna is also wheelchair accessible.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Stress & Sleep
Pain Management |Fibromyalgia | Arthritis
Anti Aging and Skin Health
Weight Loss

Why Koa Recovery

At Koa Recovery, we offer a state of the art spacious full spectrum infrared sauna in a private room. The space is large enough for yourself and up to 3 friends and can be used as a space to stretch, perform yoga poses or lay down if you choose. The sauna is wheelchair accessible.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure you are fully at ease by showing you the sauna, its features and ensuring you understand the process and benefits.

You will be allocated your own purpose built room for use during your allocated treatment time. The room is complete with a fresh water, cool towels, clothing hooks and a lockable door. Our facilities include a shower, hair drying and straighteners as well as towels, body wash shampoo and conditioners should you require them.

At Koa Recovery we offer a variety of complementary therapies to enhance your experience including cryotherapy, compression, float therapy and electrical muscular stimulation.


"Nice place and very knowledgeable people. You feel welcomed and cared for. Love to spend time here:)" 

"This is my new favourite place. Cryo, float tank and compression therapy - all amazing. Staff are awesome too."

"Koa recovery is absolutely amazing. I’m having back problems due to working out and working as a chef and every time the pain is at its worst, I go to Koa. After a cryo therapy and float session, my body feels amazing and the pain is gone. Shaun the owner is very friendly and puts the person and his problem on 1st place. Putting this review on because it really helps my chronic backpain and I can’t thank it enough"

"The first time I tried cryotherapy and NormaTec boots and I felt immediate positive impact and relief to my knee. I regularly go to osteopathy and massage due to knee pain. After the one session of cryotherapy and NormaTec boots, my knee joints didn't feel "tight" and I didn't use rocktape for the whole week. I was back the next week to try cryo and float and I feel like I have a 'new' body" 

"This 5 star facility tick all the excellence boxes. Great services offered and customer service second to none. I experienced all the three recovery services that they offered and I can definitely recommend them! I could feel the results in my body immediately after each treatment and didn’t recognise my body the next day! With my muscles all recovered properly I got back at high intensive training in full force the next day."

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