Do I Need To Recover?

So, it's no secret now that recovery is just as important as training itself. If we want our body to perform, we need to service it. If we want to run the miles, score the goal, swim the kms and hit the target, we need to respect our body and look after it. Recovery is getting more and more attention in research studies, and since starting Koa Recovery, we have noticed a massive change in the industry as elite athletes and weekend warriors are looking for their competitive advantage. Here is a red hot tip. Everyone trains hard, but do they recover hard?

Rehab Following Injury

At Koa Recovery we work closely with strength and conditioning coaches, physios and other allied health professionals to minimise rehabilitation time following injury and speed up the recovery process. Research has found that participating in therapies including whole body cryotherapy used in conjunction with traditional recovery tools including physiotherapy is more effective than traditional rehabilitation methods used alone.

The use of technology including whole body cryotherapy and NormaTec compression boots has been shown to decrease recovery time by up to 50% enabling a return to sport quicker.

At Koa Recovery we have has several success stories. Here are two of my favourites.
Surfer with multiple fractures in his foot.
  • Following surgery, was told that it would be 8 weeks before he would be able to tolerate walking on his foot with the advice to weight bear as tolerated and attend therapy, continue walking in a supportive CAM boot.
  • Following regular float therapy, compex electrical muscle stimulation and Normatec compression session, he was able to walk into his appointment after 3 weeks.
National Beach Handball Player with an injury to her quad muscle.
  • First quad muscle injury: Physio, stretching. Recovery time 6 weeks.
  • Second quad muscle injury 2019: Used whole body cryotherapy, infrared sauna, NormaTec compression boots and physio. Recovery time 3 weeks halving the recovery time.


Recovery for Performance

Recovery is also critical to optimise performance. The use of the right recovery tools at the right time is shown to

  • Increase power and strength by up to 20%
  • Enhance clarity, visualisation and acuity of play
  • Maximise range of motion and flexibility
  • Decrease nerves, stress and anxiety
  • Decrease muscle soreness enabling increase endurance
  • Improve sleep and relaxation to help improve performance
Rehabilitation sports recpvery

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