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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness means something different to everyone however, no matter what your looking for, its easy to agree that its a minefield of information and difficult to navigate. We have worked with lots of different brands over the past year and for our first birthday - we partnered up with the best in the biz! Find out exactly what you need to kick start your wellness and being. 

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At Koa Recovery we celebrated our first birthday with a media and influencer event featuring amazing staff from NOVA fm, Womens Health, Men's Health and Marie Claire. We were so lucky to celebrate such a fantastic achievement surrounded by people who love looking after their health as wellbeing as much as we do! The event featured well known health and wellness bloggers, influencers and business owners making it even more important to ensure we partnered with the best in the biz! Here is our list of products and brands we recommend you check out and why. 

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Injury Management

Aqualove Water

Aqualove  Water is alkaline water which can help our body's maintain its ideal pH level. pH balance is critical to optimising our body's ability to function and aids in optimal hydration, neutralising acid in the body, increasing oxygen levels, supporting the immune system and promoting better health. Aqualove Water is available in a 500ml and 1L size in a BPA free bottle!

Clean Treats Factory

Clean Treats Factory is a beautiful space for all things health and wellness with a side of on point interior design. I wish this place was my house! Clean Treats make delicious clean treats! They are real treats made by real people with a real goal to change how you feel inside and out. Clean Treats is about the physiological change that occurs when you choose real food. All treats are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and nasty preservatives, they are the best kind of indulgence - guilt-free and regret-free.

Byron Beverage Co

Byron Beverage Co  is the most sensation cold brew coffee you will ever have! This powerful can sure does pack a punch. The nitro packed can is paleo, vegan, diary free, gluten free, organic and sugar free. Plus, it is naturally higher in antioxidant and less acidic than hot brew coffee. Why is this important? Fine out here. To top it off, the coffee beans are 100% certified organic! 

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Chief Bar

I have never tasted anything like this! You need to get your hands on a Chief Bar!! I cant explain it any other way than a soft, chewy jerky bar. They come in beef and lamb flavours and are the perfect mean on the run. It's just like jerky except with the added goodness of nuts and a little dried fruit, and without any nasty preservatives, sugary marinades. Best of all, it’s easy to chew! Its a change from the typical protein bar if you need something filling on the go but for me... it gets the tick. 

Salt Lab

This high grade magnesium oil is readily absorbed through the skin to enhance recovery and performance. Salt Labs  is ideal for relieving sore muscles and joints, improving cell health, lowering inflammation and facilitating a good night’s sleep. I swear by the stuff and it has become a part of mine and my family's daily routine - particularly at the end of the day to get the little tribe off to sleep and help me get a full nights sleep pain free. 

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Everyone loves a yoghurt and Chobani is the perfect size combined with all the right goodness for an on the go treat. All yoghurts are 100% preservative free, delicious creamy Greek yogurt, built on a foundation of real fruit. At the event we were lucky enough to try one of the new flavours - Banana Chia. This is hands down my favourite of the range! Go and try it! I dare you

Remedy Kombucha 

Remedy Kombucha is a fizzy live-cultured drink that’s damn tasty and actually healthy.  Remedy Kombucha is chock-full of live cultures and organic acids that are good for your gut health and overall wellbeing. Better still, Remedy is naturally free from sugar. Remedy make their Kombucha the old-school way, fermented in small batches using a long-aged brewing process which removes all of the sugar and turns it into healthy live cultures and organic acids. For me, Remedy Kombucha is perfect for anyone who wants the added benefits of Kombucha whilst still getting the bubble effect. Perfect for the 3pm pick me up when pulled straight from the fridge. 

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Barley + Bars - Freedom Foods 

This new range of muesli bars is truly innovative as it includes a superior wholegrain called BARLEYmax as its key ingredient. This was development by Australia's CSIRO as part of a research study into high fibre grains. The Freedom Foods bars were designed to help combat a range of health problems by enhancing your gut health. Its great to know that science is also passionate about health and wellness products and great things as tasty as these bars for everyone to enjoy. 

Reactivate Health Management 

Cynthia is a world of knowledge and experience offering hands down the most intuitive massage I have ever had. Cynthia supports people to let go of stress and tension and find clarity and direction through healing body-work and a solution focused approach to therapy. Cynthia’s clients include: Elite sportsmen/women, teens, women, and many high profile people and passionate about holistic health. I get on her table for a massage any chance I get to help the physical demands placed on my body however, also just to relax. Its bliss! 

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Charlotte Curd Photography

If your wondering who has taken all these beautiful images - wonder no more, the talented Charlotte Curd. Charlotte is an award winning photographer and secretly I wish she could just follow me and capture my life through the lens. All her images are sensational and capture emotion and passion from an alternative perspective. Charlotte is so passionate about what she does and her animal and landscape pictures are stunning. Its so important when we want to kick start our wellness that we don't forget about the value of the natural world. Charlotte's photos are the perfect avenue to get amongst it and I highly recommend that you check out her pages or consider a nature image for your home if your and a busy life mean getting amongst nature is difficult. 


 Want to kick start your wellness journey. Click on any of the links in the article to try our favourite brands to help you on your way to health and happiness. Want to try our therapies? We have Cryo, float tanks, NormaTec compression boots and Compes available in Sydney with single sessions Start from $30 with packs and combos available to optimise your benefits   Book in here