Treatment For Frozen Shoulder? | Koa Recovery

By Sarah | April 23, 2018

Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a debilitating and painful condition of the shoulder characterised by stiffness and decreased range of motion. For some, […]

Is This The Anti Depressant You Have Been Looking For? | Koa Recovery

By Sarah | April 14, 2018

3 Million Australians are living with depression according to Beyond Blue . Thats 1 in 6 females and 1 in 8 males having depression that […]

Are You At Risk Of Overtraining? | Koa Recovery

By Sarah | March 27, 2018

We all hear about how important rest and recovery is when it comes to achieving our health and fitness goals, but have you ever stopped […]

Kick Start Your Wellness | Koa Recovery Turns One

By Sarah | March 19, 2018

Health and Wellness Health and wellness means something different to everyone however, no matter what your looking for, its easy to agree that its […]

The Science Behind Cryotherapy | Koa Recovery Sydney

By Sarah | March 11, 2018

Cryotherapy is gaining popularity amongst elite athletes, weekend warriors and the health conscious but if your anything like me, you want to know what it is actually […]

Beat Jet Lag in 3 minutes at Koa Recovery

By Sarah | March 3, 2018

How To Overcome the Effects of Jetlag at With Cryotherapy and Float Therapy Getting on a big jet plane is romanticised as fun, luxurious, […]

Sydney Float | Why Lonely Planet Recommends Recharging at Koa Recovery

By Sarah | January 26, 2018

  Float Tanks Float tanks provide a range of benefits and the optimal solution to reset and recharge. Koa Recovery has combined passion, experience […]

Stress free and confident in 21 century? A fact or a myth?

By Sarah | January 12, 2018

Natalia Yurkova Enjoy this blog from the knowledgable and extremely talented, Natalia to find out how you can reduce stress and be confident. Natalia […]

Flush Toxins After The Holiday Season

By Sarah | December 31, 2017

  Flush Toxins and Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey Im sure you have had an over indulgent Christmas and New Years eating food […]

Self Care is Essential for Business Owners

By Sarah | December 21, 2017

  Self Care is Essential for Business Owners In the rat race of life we are constantly connected. We are always ‘ON’. When was […]

Is Cryotherapy Safe?

By Sarah | December 10, 2017

  The safety of Cryotherapy There is lots of confusing information about the safety of cryo. We often get asked: “Is Cryotherapy Safe?” This […]

Float Centre Sydney |How to Get The Most Out of Your Float

By Sarah | December 9, 2017

  Float Centre Sydney In this chaotic life, I know how hard it is to get some ‘you’ time and put even 60minutes aside […]

How to Improve your Lymphatic Drainage

By Sarah | November 9, 2017

How Does The Lymph System Work? It still amazes me that we expose our bodies to between 700,000 and 2.1 million toxic chemicals per […]

Managing Lower Back Pain

By Sarah | October 14, 2017

Hi, Im Shaun, founder of Koa Recovery. Koa Recovery was built out of a very personal experience with injury and recovery. I have always […]

Sydney Cryo @ Koa Recovery Waterloo

Sydney Cryo

By Sarah | October 8, 2017

  Sydney Cryo with Koa Recovery Cryo is a painless, non-invasive and quick treatment that will leave you feeling like you’ve had a massage […]

The Importance of Maintaining pH Balance

By Sarah | October 5, 2017

  How to Maintain pH Balance Maintaining the correct pH balance in our body is critical to optimising our overall health and wellbeing. pH […]

Cryotherapy to Manage Skin Conditions || Eczema and Psorasis

By Sarah | September 22, 2017

Cryotherapy for Skin Conditions Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin conditions can leave your skin hot, itchy, painful and affect self esteem and confidence. […]

Float Therapy for PTSD - Koa Recovery Sydney

Float Therapy to Help Manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

By Sarah | September 6, 2017

  Sydney Float Therapy and PTSD Float therapy is widely used and accepted in the sporting and wellness field. However, it’s also gaining popularity […]

Float Tank Sydney

By Sarah | August 13, 2017

  Sydney Float Tank Experience Sensory deprivation and the use of float tanks is gaining traction and popularity across the globe as more and […]

Cryotherapy Weight Loss Results with Koa Recovery

By Sarah | July 30, 2017

Are you discouraged by the number on the scales? Still not fitting into those old jeans? You’re exercising and eating well but still not […]