• Whole Body Cryotherapy for Peak Performance

Cryotherapy and Peak Performance

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Whole Body Cryotherapy and Performance

The preparation for a race needs to be strategic and calculated. For many, there is months if not years, of training toward the moment. It takes effort, health, fitness, sleep, mental preparedness and recovery. Timing each of these factors in combination with the others to contribute to peak performance is a science within itself.

In order to peak, you must recover! This is also referred to as tapering during the peak performance cycle. Generally speaking, it is during this period that intensity is high; however, volume decreases. There are many tools you can use to optimise your recovery during this period; Whole Body Cryotherapy being one of them. Whole Body Cryotherapy is helpful as it works for both physical and mental recovery. According to a recent study out of RICE University, these are the two main components for optimising your peak performance. This effective, efficient and quick treatment enables you to reach your competitive edge.

So, how does it do that? Whole Body Cryotherapy enables you to feel and perform better through a multifactorial approach. It is used to help reduce inflammation, improve focus and attention, reduce recovery time and enhance sleep quality.

Reducing Inflammation

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the blood. This can help to reduce both acute and chronic pain caused by inflammation, stiffness and general muscle soreness. By reducing systemic inflammation and allowing the body to recover appropriately during the taper phase, athletes can enhance their performance with whole body cryotherapy.

A study found that elite runners who engaged in whole body cryotherapy post sprint running had a 20% increase in speed and power up to two days laterThis 20% performance enhancement post­ cryotherapy during the taper phase, assists athletes to gain their competitive advantage. 


Sleep is a fundamental element to enhancing athletic performance and allowing you to push your body's limits. Without proper rest, it is impossible to perform at your absolute best. It is during sleep that your muscles grow, hormone release occurs, your cortisol levels decrease, and tissue repair occurs. Using a sleep tracker following whole body cryotherapy, participants demonstrated a longer and deeper sleep at night, allowing for a more significant natural recovery.

Improving Mood and Focus

Norepinephrine is a hormone which is released in large amounts following a whole body cryotherapy session. This hormone has been shown to improve focus, accuracy and attention. These skills are critical when athletes are gaining their competitive edge and need to maintain endurance. In a recent study, the use of cryotherapy was shown to improve stroke effectiveness for tennis players by 4%. Meaning, the players hit more balls in the target zone compared to the players that did not do cryotherapy.

Olympic Snowboarder Jarryd Hughes

Whole Body Cryotherapy offers a quick, convenient and effective treatment to enhance physical and mental preparedness to enable you to reach your peak performance. Single sessions start from $85 with packs available to reduce single session prices.  Buy Your Session Now

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