Koa Recovery Pricing

Koa Recovery offers competitive pricing and a range of packages on premium therapies for sports recovery, pain management, injury prevention, management and overall health and wellbeing. These include whole body cryotherapy, float therapy, Infrared Sauna, compression therapy (NormaTec).

Sydney’s premier sports recovery, injury management and wellness centre.


Intro 2 pack: $120

1 session: $85

5 sessions: $350

10 sessions: $650


Intro 3 pack: $170

1 session: $79

3 sessions: $199

5 sessions: $310

90min float: $105

Large Infrared Sauna

Intro 3 pack: $99

1 session: $40

5 sessions: $185

10 sessions: $310

Bring up to 2 friends along to any sauna for $15pp


30min: $30

60min: $50

Complimentary NormaTec Boots when you float with a friend : VALUE $50 per person



1 Cryo Session + 60min Float

Leave feeling fresh, subtle and energetic. Help manage injury, inflammation, poor sleep hygiene, anxiety and depression.


Cryo + 30min NormaTec

Suffer from sore, tied legs, tight hips or lower back? Remove waste products & decrease recovery time. A great combo if you are run down, inflamed, have chronic pain or hard in training.

Fire & Ice

Cryo + Infrared Sweat Session

Contrast Therapy. A solution to kick start your weight loss, boost immune system & gain a competitive edge. Nourish the skin, detox & support your body to do its thing naturally.


        Sauna + 30min NormaTec     $60

A chance to pause. Sit down and relax to health sore aching muscles, stiffness and fluid build up. Relax with friends or a couples retreat


Cryo + 30min Float + 30min NormaTec. $125

A recovery solution for elite athletes, weekend warriors or those in training. A solution for chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia the injured & people who need to relax & boost the immune system.


60min Float + 30min NormaTec $199

1hr in the float pod is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. Rest in the float pod and soak up the magnesium to relax before unwinding with the experience of our relaxing normatec boots

Koa Club VIP

Become a VIP and join the Koa Club. $500 purchase price gives you

$500 in store credit

Free bottle of Salt Lab Magnesium Spray

10% off packs & combos. 15% off indivdual treatments

Member only specials and promos

NormaTec Hire

Mid week 3 day hire: $100
Weekend 3 day hire: $150
Week 7 day hire: $250

Phone or email info@koarecovery.com.au to book your hire.

Group Booking

Discounted rates available for group bookings of 5 or more.

To enquire or book a group phone (02) 8068 2615 or email info@koarecovery.com.au

To book you appointment email info@koarecovery.com.au, phone (02)80682615 or click here to buy now   
Gift Vouchers Available. Phone or email us to organise an email voucher. Alternatively pop in store to collect a hard copy.

*all appointments have a 24hr cancellation policy. Failure to give 24hr notice of your appointment cancellation will result in a forfeit of your session.

** Intro packs are designed for a single person's use and are not designed to be split or shared between people

We understand that sometimes life happens you run late. If we can fit you in, we will!  We may however have to shorten your session time
to ensure that we continue to run on time. If however we cannot fit you in, your session will be forfeited

Refunds are unable to be offered for purchases made.

Disclaimer: Products used within Koa Recovery are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or chronic illness