Can I Recover At Home?

How good is it to be driving around and seeing so many people exercising! The parks have never been so busy of people doing all sorts of outdoors activities. Runs, walks, bikes, balls and burpees. You name it, people are doing it. Its also humbling to see so many local brick and mortar stores adapting to change and offering you some great solutions to stay fit and healthy during this hibernation period. Recovery is our jam! Its critical to both our physical and mental health and had a range of benefits for the immune system. Its so important to keep up your recovery but how can you recover when we are closed. Here are our hot tips!


Sleep is imperative to recovery at all times! Now that many of you are saving time without a commute to work and squeezing social activities and sports or extracurricular activities into your day, it's the perfect opportunity to try and  regulate your sleep patterns. Establish a pre bedtime routine and try to go to bed at the same time each night. Ideally you want to be aiming for 8 hours of sleep per night. To find out more about how to improve your sleep check out one of our other blogs. 

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Stretching and Self Massage

If your still working out, you need to make sure your still stretching. Join an online yoga program like Egg Of The Universe or keep up the foam rolling or self massage. Koa Recovery offers vibrating self massage devises which research has show improve flexibility greater than using a standard foam roller. There is a variety of foam rollers in different shapes depending on which muscle group you are trying to focus on. Unfortunately, it isn't a one size fits all often this is where people go wrong. If you have a 'tight spot' or somewhere that you are trying to focus on, send us a message and we will happy chat about some good techniques you can use, send you some videos and let you know what devises would be best to use. Sometimes they can be simple things you have lying around the home like a golf ball.

Compression Boots

NormaTec compression boots are a great way to relax and recovery whilst lying in bed, chilling out to your favourite binge TV series or some cool tunes in the background while you just be one with your new favourite recovery tool. NormaTec compression boots are comfortable and relaxing whilst offering a great opportunity to improve range of motion, flexibility and leave your legs feeling fresh fast if they are feeling sore or tight. The  boots are also helpful if your experience fluid build up in the legs from sitting down for too long. Koa Recovery are currently offering a weekly hire service for the boots which means you can use them as much as you like for an entire week! WARNING: they are addictive! If your interested click here to contact now.
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Magnesium is a mineral critical so many facets of our life. Magnesium is an essential ingredient if your trying to recover as it can help with your hormone balance, sleep, stress, psoriasis and sports performance. Applying Magnesium directly to your skin might be the answer to a ton of niggly little things in your life. A good quality magnesium oil spray like Salt Lab or magnesium bath salts is our recommendation when having your well earned float session in 550kg of magnesium isn't possible. If you have a bath and would like recreate your float session or recovery with quality magnesium at home, Koa Recovery are able to mail you take home packs of the magnesium that is used in our float pods. 

 Want to get some more advice or tips on how you can recovery in isolation? We would love to chat!  Buy Your Session Now

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