Stress free and confident in 21 century? A fact or a myth?

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Natalia Yurkova

Enjoy this blog from the knowledgable and extremely talented, Natalia to find out how you can reduce stress and be confident. Natalia views health and holistic wellness through the lens of personal experience.

I can speak first hand about her professionalism and approach to healthcare as she helped me overcome a skin condition I had been battling for many years. Natalia has been in the health industry since 2001 and practicing in professional clinics since 2008. Her extensive experience involves participating in Diabetes research; working for a manufacturer of Practitioner only range of supplements and training an array of practitioners in Sydney, Canberra and Central Coast; working with athletes in a Chiropractic/Physiotherapist Centre and also working alongside top practitioners in Australia.

Natalia has graduated from Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) with Advanced Diploma of Applied Science-Nutritional Medicine with High Distinction average mark. To read more about Natalia and her qualifications check out her bio here

The Modern Woman

There are huge expectations from a modern woman in today’s world. We have to: look beautiful, be fit, be healthy, be successful in our carrier, be a super mum, be the best partner/wife and also maintain friendships and stay connected on social media and much more…Sounds familiar? I guess this would explain why so many women nowadays lose their confidence and suffer from stress, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and even depression. Unfortunately a lot of us get so overwhelmed with what we have to do, that we don’t know anymore where to start and how to manage all that. As a practitioner, I see a lot of those women in clinic and help them by teaching them about how to adjust their diet, utilise some lifestyle tips and sometime take certain nutritional/herbal formulas.

Here are a few recommendations that I would make:

  1. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Dehydration is a big stress for our body and can cause fatigue and foggy brain. Staying well hydrated will help you have more energy and feel less anxious.
  2. Take a good quality magnesium supplement. The best form of magnesium to take is magnesium di-glycinate or magnesium amino acid chelate. This form of magnesium is absorbed well and doesn’t irritate your gastrointestinal tract. Magnesium relaxes our muscles and nerves, helps us to have more energy, relieves stress and anxiety and also alkalises our body. Magnesium gets depleted by stress, exercise, sweating, eating an acidic diet, drinking coffee etc. Most people are magnesium deficient because of their lifestyles. Speak to your practitioner for dosage recommendations and quality product suggestions.
  3. Cut down on coffee consumption. Try to have 1 standard coffee a day or less. Caffeine found in coffee stimulates central nervous system and makes us feel nervous, anxious and jittery. It can also affect your sleep without you not realising it. The better choices would be green tea or dandelion tea or chicory.
  4. Incorporate some sort of relaxation into your busy routine. It could be yoga, meditation, stretching exercises or even just sitting on your couch with a herbal cup of tea and thinking of something that makes you happy.
  5. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before sleep. I use it myself and swear by it. Lavender oil will relax you and reduce stress levels and help you have a sound sleep.
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The bottom line is-make time for you! In order to cope with everything that you’ve got in your life, you have to be in a good health. And remember that you are amazing and you are doing your best and deserve to be happy!

I also think it’s a good idea to discuss your specific case with a nutritionist or a naturopath in order to get your individual recommendations and prescriptions.

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