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Cryotherapy for Sports Recovery

As athletes, we are always looking for our edge. How do we run faster? Hit the ball with great accuracy? Improve our stroke? Jump higher? Prevent injury? Return from injury quicker? It's an increasingly competitive world and there is greater pressure to use sports medicine gain our edge. 

Recovery From Injury

The use of ice to recover is not a new concept and is widely accepted as a treatment methodology. Cryotherapy is the use of extremely cold temperatures to speed up the recovery process. This evidenced based methodology was developed by a medical physician in the 1970's and has grown in popularity due to its positive relationship with sports medicine. Cryotherapy is now used with many sporting codes across the globe to recover from and prevent injury including the NFL, NBL, NHL, NBL and other elite athletes including Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt & Cristiano Ronaldo. Cryotherapy is also used by many athletes to speed up the rehabilitation process including Greg Inglis, Kobe Bryant, Jarryd Hughes and Le Bron James.
Cryotherapy is regularly used in sports medicine to reduce inflammation and pain, promote healing and recovery and ultimately reduce time spent on the sideline. Cryotherapy may assist with many conditions including recovery post shoulder and knee reconstruction, sprains and strains, muscle tears, tennis elbow and other repetitive injuries.

Sports Medicine Sydney with Cryotherapy: research

A recent study found that elite tennis players that engaged in whole body cryotherapy for five days had a 2.5­ fold decrease in the potent pro­inflammatory cytokine TNF­alpha and a 23% increase in the cytokine IL­6, which has both pro­ and anti-­inflammatory properties and plays a role in muscle repair. These professional tennis players also experienced a 4% increase in "stroke effectiveness".

Elite runners who used cryotherapy post hill sprints running had a 20% increase in speed and power up to two days later. This 20% performance enhancement post­ cryotherapy may be due to the reduction in inflammation. Too high of levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines post­ exercise can result in acute performance deterioration and muscle damage. This can be detrimental for training, as there may be a greater risk of injury due to residual soreness and changes in body mechanics. In fact, it has been shown that elite runners who engaged in whole body cryotherapy for 3 min at ­ −110°C performed 1 hour post ­exercise and 24 hours post­ exercise enhanced muscle recovery by decreasing the inflammatory process (IL­1β and C­reactive protein) and increasing the anti ­inflammatory process (IL­1ra) at both time points.

how cryotherapy at koa recovery sydney can help with sports medicine and rehabilitation

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