Sydney Float | Why Lonely Planet Recommends Recharging at Koa Recovery

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Float Tanks

Float tanks provide a range of benefits and the optimal solution to reset and recharge. Koa Recovery has combined passion, experience and a personalised approach to recovery to bring Sydney a premier recovery and wellness centre.  Bringing a premium and unique combination of services to Sydney, float tanks offer the ultimate relaxation and has been proudly recommended by Lonely Planet as the place to recharge when visiting Sydney

My Physical Self

Do you give your body a break? A break from everything you ask it to do? Or do you treat it like a machine? 

Our Sydney float tanks are denser than the dead sea and filled with the pharmaceutical grade naturally mined epsom salt. The buoyancy of the water means its impossible to sink. There has been a variety of studies completed which demonstrate the benefits for lowering blood pressure, decreasing cortisol levels in the blood and helping to manage chronic pain. With gravity eliminated for the 60minutes, the weight of the world is removed from your neck, shoulders, knees, hips and lower back. Your body has no choice but to feel instant relief. 

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My Mental Self

Get lost in your mind

Floating alters your brain waves! Crazy stuff! During your session in the float tank with us your brain waves will likely shift to the theta state. This is the deep state of relaxation achieved by the Monks during their meditative times after years of practice, the ones you drift into just before falling asleep at night. It is during this state that you will be faced with mental images, creativity and inspiration that is otherwise unaccessible. Float tanks provide a space for the mind to relax, de stress, reconnect and re set. 

My Self

When there is nothing but you..

Opportunities for success are endless when there is nothing but you to focus on. Your mind may be able to create, plan, process and analyse information in a way it has never been able to previously. The float tank empowers the mind to vast horizons, creative opportunities and freedom lending. It is for this reason that float therapy lends itself to business owners, artists, creative directors, designers and those feeling 'stuck' in a rut. 

Why were we recommended by Lonely Planet

At Koa Recovery we use highly sophisticated and luxurious float pods, which are completely automatic providing you with the optimal relaxation and sensory deprivation experience. Our tanks are the highest quality and most hygienic isolation tanks. Koa Recovery combines float therapy with a variety of other treatment modalities including whole body cryotherapy and massage to provide a haven in the city. 


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