Our Story

We exist to enable every body without limits. We aim to think differently. Using the latest technology from around the globe, we allow your body to function optimally with Whole Body Cryotherapy, Float Therapy, Compression boots (NormaTec ) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Compex).

Hi, Im Shaun, founder of Koa Recovery. Koa Recovery was built out of a very personal experience with injury and recovery. I have always been a very active person – playing first grade league as well as dabbing in a few other things like wakeboarding, Crossfit and running. 3 years ago I suffered a back injury which put me on the sideline from sport and life in general. I had no outlet and fell into a state of depression. Up until that point I knew recovery was important, but had no idea it was about more than the occasional rest day.

After struggling to find answers I decided to make it my mission to learn everything I could about recovery. When travelling in America I found these awesome recovery facilities and started using the services we now have at Koa Recovery. My pain improved. I felt more relaxed, flexible, energised and had less pain – I started to feel like my normal self again.

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for many years including a rehabilitation role at a major trauma hospital in NSW working with stroke, spinal cord injury, orthopaedics and arthritis and strength and fitness coach for the NSW Wheelchair Rugby Team. I decided that bringing these concepts to Australia is where I wanted to go. I knew how much they helped me and I wanted to help others. I started a family and my passion to open Koa Recovery grew. I wanted to be a role model to my son and set an example of following your passion and dreams.

So here I am in my habitat and loving every minute of helping people recover prevent them being in the situation I was in. I have worked with chronic pain sufferers, Olympic and elite athletes, high profile sporting teams, busy mums, corporate men and women, weekend warriors, the elderly and people suffering chronic pain and arthritis. I have learnt that everyone has their different reason for visiting us and I love being able to make a difference in peoples lives whether its to manage their pain, prevent or rehabilitate an injury, prepare for a competition or game day, enjoy some relaxation and de stress or jump into the pod to rest the mind and seek creativity. I love it all and working with our clients and their health professionals, coaches and families makes all the hard work worthwhile.

relax and reocvery at koa recovery sydney

Our Vision/Mission

We exist to enable every body without limits. We aim to think differently.

Koa Recovery we believe that recovery is a critical component to optimising overall health and wellbeing, managing injuries and maximising athletic performance. In our busy lives, recovery is an often overlooked aspect of training and ailments. Koa Recovery provides everyone with the opportunity to access the latest resources to help their body to recover physically and mentally. Our ultimate goal is to assist your body's natural mechanisms, so it performs at its best, so you feel your best.

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