Sports Recovery & Injury Prevention

Koa Recovery is a health and wellness centre based in Sydney NSW that offers the highest quality of injury and sports recovery services.

At Koa Recovery we believe that recovery is a critical component to optimising overall health and wellbeing, managing injuries and maximising athletic performance. Our facilities include Electrical Muscle Stimulation by Compex, whole body cryotherapy powered by Impact, flotation therapy and compression therapy by Normatec. To find out more about each therapy, contact us or see the links below.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The skin is exposed to temperatures below zero for up to 3 minutes to improve athletic performance and recovery time, boost metabolism, enhance the immune system and increase collagen production to provide anti-aging, beauty, weight loss and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Float Therapy

Allow your body to recover and heal from the stressors in life with float therapy. Experience ultimate relaxation and recovery through sensory deprivation by floating in our luxurious pod filled with Epsom salts.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation / Compex

Compex electrical muscle stimulation will accelerate your fitness results whether you are warming up, working out or cooling down. The latest wireless Compex features pre-designed programs and smart technology decreasing recovery time and improving performance.

Compression Therapy / NormaTec

Recover faster between training sessions and post-performance by reducing muscle soreness, improving circulation and assisting with lymphatic drainage by using compression therapy with the NormaTec patent pulse technology.