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Cryotherapy: Welcome to the Ice Age

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Cryotherapy: Welcome to the ice age

What is Cryotherapy & what does it do?

Well that's definitely a question we can answer, it's a quick, simple, non invasive and all natural way to decrease pain & inflammation through the use of liquid nitrogen in a safe environment. It's also been known to improve mood, promote weight loss and perhaps even contain some anti aging benefits!

Sounds amazing? Right.

Now Cryotherapy might look a little futuristic and seem like an ultra modern treatment, but in actual fact the basis of it has been around longer then you might realize. For many years people have utilised the cold to speed up the healing process. This modern incarnation of Cryotherapy began in Japan in 1978 thanks to Dr Yamaguchi, who used extreme cold temperatures to help treat arthritis. Dr Yamaguchi noticed terrific success in pain reduction, and so since then cryotherapy has grown to become the phenomena it now is …

How does the treatment actually work?

During a whole body cryotherapy treatment you will stand in a chamber for 2 -3 minute whilst your body is exposed to very cold temperatures from minus 140 to minus 180, now there's nothing to fear it's completely pain free (most people report that it's more pleasant than an ice bath). Our body interprets this extreme cold as a threat and sends a message to our brain to restore our body’s balance, and to overcome the extreme cold and shock to the body our brain redirects blood from the superficial blood vessels near our skin and directs it to the deeper tissues and vital organs.

Following your treatment the blood vessels undergo vasodilation – the opposite of what just happened during your treatment. This process involves the blood vessels dilating allowing the blood to flow back through the body at a rapid rate filling the cells with enzymes and oxygen all awesome benefits for your body.

What are the other benefits?

Now as for weight loss, part of the body’s natural response to cold during your cryotherapy treatment is to burn between 400 and 800 calories, that's the same as doing a spin class, or a boxing class or even an 1 hour of rowing! It also ignites a powerful anti inflammatory response in the form of a cytokines release (protein released from the white blood cells) and the anti-oxidative status in our body is increased. This allows the body to eliminate nasty free radicals, repair cellular damage and remove toxins. It's the perfect concoction to produce anti-aging effects.

The brain also releases Beta-endorphines, not only does this make you feel euphoric, but it also has natural pain relieving priorities which is perfect for anyone with chronic or acute pain.

The benefits are numerous but as is so often said, the proof is in the pudding so do yourself a favour and book your Cryotherapy treatment at Koa Recovery now!