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Why Float?

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Why float?

It's crazy how much we're bombarded day and night with noise, so to find a place that allows your a moment of silence for yourself can be a rarity. Well we've found the perfect solution, and it's a little easier then escaping to a deserted island. It's called floating.

Koa Recovery founder Shaun is a huge advocate of FLOATING, “It’s the one chance I get to fully relax, and its an opportunity for everyone to pause life. Everyone is so busy with their day to day lives, we are always online and stimulated by daily stressors from traffic, to phone calls, emails and children. As a society we are under constant pressure to perform and fit more into life”.

Shaun explains he first started floating to recover from a back injury and help de-stress. "The first time I floated it took a while to unwind, but the second time I went I finally started to let go, and eventually on my third visit the minute I entered into the room I started to relax. I finally let go and relaxed, and I have never looked back”.

Float therapy provides many physical benefits like relaxation of the autonomic nervous system, and absorption of the Epsom salts help to improve injury recovery time and leave's the skin soft and smooth.  Possibly the greatest benefits are psychological. These have been recognized by science since the 1930s.

Float therapy is being used widely across the world from sports teams, to companies allocating time for employees to help improve productivity and creativity and people just seeking wellness.

So why don't you take the plunge and come in for a FLOAT, single floats start from $79 with packs and memberships available and If you're new to floating we recommend the  3 visit intro pack.